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You can see the Devil's Thumb above Lake Agnes to the left. Some people asked if I wanted my picture taken here. After declining (I'll be back, what do I need a picture here for?) I told them where I was going. They looked a bit scared for me. I tried to explain how easy it was but it was no use.

Birthday climb! Or rather hike. I was going to climb Observation Peak, but when we at Bow Falls two days ago I saw the summit and the rockband were still snowy enough for me not to want to do it solo. So after some thinking I ended up going back to an area I've been to a lot, to explore a small peak I haven't been to yet. Really its just a part of Mt Whyte, but if it has a name it counts. I had fun, I didn't have to worry about the ascent/descent, got away from the crowds, and really took the time to enjoy it all. I sat up there for over an hour and a half. I don't always get the chance to take it slow and enjoy myself on more ambitious ascents so it was nice.