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Starting out on the very snowy road.

I don't remember how I found out about this more obscure fire lookout a few weeks ago, but once I had it seemed like a good off season objective. It is a super long drive for a short hike, yes. But it is a safe short ascent that gives more unique views than the regular Kananaksis Country area.

Burnt Timber sits at the very northern end of the Ghost Wilderness (according to signs we saw), but is accessed from the road into Ya Ha Tinda, then turning south on a gas well road. This road was well plowed due to the active gas wells in the area, all the way to the lookout. It was still treacherous though, as it had quite a few steep sections which were icy in the morning. I was very glad I was not driving and Cody was instead :)

It had quite a bit more snow than I hoped / imagined. So it was a full snowshoe ascent. As it isn't that long it wasn't too much of a problem though. The biggest problem being the huge detour the road takes around and down one ridge to avoid a steep slope. On the way in we followed it, gaining the extra elevation again. On the way out we travelled across the ridge, on mostly flat terrain at first and then a short very steep descent back to the trail. It was much faster but rather slippery. A good or bad thing depending on your comfort with using snowshoes like skis...