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The waterfalls at Waterfall campground. A very nice campground with level tent sites, working food storage hangers, large picnic tables and two fire pits! All for only four sites. The water source could have been closer, but thats nit-picking.

I had planned on doing this trip over Saturday and Sunday instead with Heath. But the weather wouldn't cooperate. It looked super cloudy and possibly rainy, which would defeat the point of climbing something so high (but rather sloggy). So when Raff wanted to go a day earlier and start on Friday, I changed my plans slightly.....

We had the perfect conditions on the mountain itself, even if we could have used a few less clouds over the divide. There was great snow to ascend, and enough scree uncovered by recent nice weather to descend quickly. It wasn't so cloudy that we didn't still have fantastic views for quite a while before it clouded over on descent. A great end to the summer.