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View of Crowfoot mountain from the road on the way home. The highest point is in the middle of the photo above the Crowfoot Glacier.

I've always wanted to climb this mountain since I started ski touring! It was my number one ski touring goal this winter. So I was really glad to get onto an ACC RMS trip even with my skiing ability.

An excellent ski tour with great conditions. The snow was not wind affected except for the first 20 meters at the top of the ridge. The rest was beautiful skiing. Good for me, so I could actually get down resonably fast. And the summit views; with only some thin high cloud, were amazing. I can see why people repeat this one (but I still hate repeats).

Avy was a bit high today (high/consid/mod) but all the major problems in the text affected slopes on different aspects than we would be on. The ascent slopes are not that steep and there is very little overhead hazard. Didn't see any recent avy activity. We didn't take glacier gear. A MCR stated the coverage was 230cm on the glacier.

So happy I got this peak on such a clear day with such good skiing!