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Mount Ethelbert from the start of the Templeton Lake trail.

I've wanted to come to this area for years, but somehow it just never fit into my summer. This year it finally became a top priority, and it was so worth it. This trip is out in BC, near Radium just east of the Bugaboos.

I know a lot of people go into this area from Tiger Pass and the glacier, but I chose not to go that way. While that route is shorter, you need a ATV or dirt bike to make it to the end of the road without using your own power. Or a high clearance vehicle and the ability to make 4 point turns and drive half on the embankment in places. Or so I am told. The switchbacks are extremely steep and sharp. Instead the Templeton Lakes road has been (recently?) diverted, and repaired from its old overgrown and mostly impassible previous section. It is now accessible by any car. Then once on that trail it is mainly easy to follow the route to the col, and down to the lakes. Without having to worry about a glacier.

I really liked this area and should have stayed another day/night to look around the lakes. The mountain itself is just a rubble slog, with one short section of very steep loose stuff that I did not enjoy. However the ridge section was more interesting and the view were of course amazing.