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The meadows you pass through on ascent.

With new snow falling and more in the near future, as well as the ever increasing popularity of this mountain, it was time to get this done.

A great fall hike. We didn't have perfect weather, but we did get the summit to ourselves for a whole hour! Which is rare these days.

A little history lesson: While Mount Smuts (to the north), and Mount Birdwood (to the south) are official names. Smutwood Peak is not. It was named by Andrew Nugara. Who on his webpage notes:

"I’m starting to like this method of identifying unnamed peaks by combining the names of official mountains that share a col with the peak in question. It certainly yields some interesting results. Given that the alternatives to the unnamed peak between Mount Smuts and Mount Birdwood were “Birduts Peak” or “Birdsmuts Peak”, I had go to go with the far more catchy and perhaps a little controversial “Smutwood Peak”."