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Hiking along the old exporation road for 5.8km

Kluane Backpack -> This was our third backpack of the Yukon Trip. It has the least pictures because it was shortest (3 days) and I was a bit worried I'd run out of batteries.

On this one we had decent weather, but not great. We had high cloud on summit day so didn't get our full view of the peaks, or the great sunny colors. Still got to see the huge glacier though, and the view was better in person. Did sprinkle on us too a bit. Nice weather on the afternoon of the day out finally.

This backpack was also the hardest. It had the longest days (due to distance on two and elevation gain on one). Also the 'creek' crossings were very difficult. It also had the least amenities at the campground. Part of me wonders if I shouldn't have done these backpacks in the opposite order actually. But it all worked out.

This is the second Observation Mountain I've climbed, I wonder how many more I can find and summit?