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Mount Bill Nye from a turn in the scary logging road that takes you to the base.

After I'd seen this mountain from Teepee and Stevens last year I'd wanted to do it. Josée's trip report didn't make it look like too much fun (ascending a steep gully), so it wasn't exactly high on the list either.

When Matt agreed to do Tanglefoot Lake etc over the long weekend, we needed a second hike. When he suggested this one I was definitely willing to try it. Especially since I wouldn't have to drive!

The drive to the start is the crux. Its a long, narrow, exposed, partially decomposing road. The hardest part is the shale slope right before the last Y junction. At that junction everyone says the road to the bowl and the ascent slopes on the left, is a ATV track. But it wasn't much worse than anything else previously and we saw a truck up at the mine on our way down.