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After a few weeks of not getting out due to various reasons (parents b-day, frigid weather, norovirus, and covering a weekend) I finally got out!!!! Yes it was an overcast day, yes the avy was super high, and yes of course no one else could come with me. So after some careful internet slope evaluation I decided the only thing I could ski up was Packers Pass Peak. All slopes being 20 degrees or less. Still get a touch close to Ptarmigan, but for that to kill me it would require remote triggering which is less likely than skier triggered avalanches (except in the sun I guess).

It was a bit of a waste on a cloudy day, but I have a funny feeling I'll end up there again. Probably during a future winter during pre-season training. So I'm not worried about not having a view. I'm more worried how many more times I'm going to make myself ski up this thing!