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A logging road. Which yes, I did walk down (listening very carefully for sounds they were logging today, in which case I would have ran off into the trees like a deer). Thankfully they don't seem to log on weekends. Or at least this weekend (the family day one). In my defense I tried to stay off of it. I started out down the old trail. However after I cut through the woods to stay in the correct valley I wanted, I still ended up on it, and gave up at that point.

After doing Blue Ridge the weekend before I'd sworn to not come back to this same area till next year, but then Raff told me of another access point. Which would mean I wouldn't have to cross the river from Sandy McNabb, and walk that first boring section to the meadow all over again.

Since I've gotten back into the groove of post-holing up pointless objectives I strangely had a desire to come straight back here and finish this one off. What can I say? Some part of me thinks this will end (like there is a finite number?) and then I'll get a reward at the end? The weather did look better here than in the main ranges. Or maybe I'm back to finding a strange enjoyment in just boring forest. As long as its new boring forest I haven't walked through before.